Christian Driller

VP Inside Sales Operations

eKomi GmbH Berlin: 2012-2014

I was blessed to have Leon in my team during my starting phase at eKomi. He is forward thinking, reliable and goal oriented, always aiming for the most effective approach.

Thanks to his sales and training background he was a key factor in evaluating, recruiting and training our new sales representatives. If you are looking for a dedicated, skilled and creative professional - look no further.

eKomi GmbH – The Feedback Company

Berlin, Germany (April 2013 – February 2014)

Situation: 250 Sales Executives undertake a 360-degree sales role, generating €500k p/m in revenue

Problem: The organisation was rapidly expanding, and there was a lot of demand for the product however the business was not very profitable, thus had pressure from its investors to increase its Profit Margins

Pain: Even though the organisation were generating approximately €500k p/m in revenue their operational costs purely from staff wages were over €400k p/m. Product: IPEP & T2O Service

Solution: SMC restructured the Sales department and created 3 teams. A profiling team, composed of predominately working students, a lead generation/qualification team and a closing team

Results: After a 12-month project, SMC managed to reduce the operational headcount down to 150 people and reduce the monthly staff wages to just under €150k p/m

John Fryer

Director Industry Solutions

IoT Analytics GmbH Hamburg: 2018 - 2020

If you are looking for someone to build your sales channels and help position your company in the market, Leon would be an excellent choice.

I had the pleasure of developing a relationship with Leon when he was Head of Sales at IoT Analytics. Stratus Technologies was an early customer and Leon transitioned IoT Analytics from a pure consultancy organization to a more product based analyst firm.

Leon was always very responsive and excellent about scheduling regular reviews to share any updates, but he was also very keen to get feedback about what was working, what could be improved and on soliciting any ideas on what we might like to see IoT Analytics cover. This was very much a consultative relationship rather than a straight vendor-customer relationship, but Leon was very adept at proposing the right solution for Stratus along with alternative options.

IoT Analytics GmbH

Hamburg, Germany (June 2018 – March 2020)

Situation: An IIoT Market Research Consultancy Organisation consisting of 5 Employees

Problem: The organisation was a high-value consultancy organisation and wanted to expand its services to become a product-driven market research provider

Pain: The organisation were generating €325k p/a and thus did not have the capital to aggressively expand its operations.

Product: IPEP & T2O Service

Solution: SMC optimised their online (website & social media) presence and well as created a lead generation engine and a small global sales team consisting of x2 resources for the EU & USA market as well as x8 freelancers for the APAC market.

Results: After an 18-month project, SMC managed to increase the annual revenue to €1.8M of which €1.1M was subscription revenue. Most of the 37 subscription customers were on a 2-3 year contract which empowered the organisation to increase its headcount to 15 employees.

Marelise Serfontein 


Conference Link Holdings Nambia: 2014

Conference Link Holdings was very fortunate to have Leon with us in Namibia in order to deliver his IPEP training programme.

His energy, enthusiasm and training infected the organisation like a virus, rapidly improving performance, confidence and motivational levels.

Leon is a dynamic out of the box thinker and an absolute pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him to any organisation.

Conference Link

Windhoek, Namibia (March 2014 – May 2014)

Situation: Event organiser consisting of approximately 40 employees

Problem: The CEO wanted to increase revenue

Pain: The organisation are the market leader in terms of event organisation for both physical and virtual events within Namibia, however, this had made the sales team lazy and had given rise to a number of smaller competitors

Product: IPEP Service

Solution: SMC reorganised the sales process as well as rewrote the sales playbook and retrained the sales team

Results: After a 12-week project, SMC managed to increase the revenue and overall productivity of the organisation by 200%.

Statista GmbH

Hamburg, Germany (February 2017 – May 2018)

Situation: Global Data Aggregator consisting of 550 employees spread across 4 offices

Problem: The organisation has been struggling to penetrate the Scandinavian market, achieving 20 customers in 4 years

Pain: The organisation were unwilling to invest money into marketing and branding, despite being aware that the Scandinavians are very brand conscious.

Product: IPEP Service

Solution: SMC reorganised the sales process as well as rewrote the sales playbook and retrained all new junior sales executives

Results: After a 12-month project, SMC managed to increase the customer based within Scandinavia to just shy of 200 customers (A.o.V €5k pa)

Karim Mustaghni

Founder & Head of Creativity

Sales Revival Conference: 2021

What is there to say about Leon? Let me put it in a nutshell.

He is one of the kindest human beings out there, understanding how to treat others with respect and work with you to deliver great results.

 When preparing for my keynote speech for the Sales Revival Conferences 2021, which is organized by Leon and his team, Leon gave me very accurate & valuable insights about the audience and my content in order to deliver a unique speec

He has connected me over the years with wonderful people from his network, who have been pure blessings and who mirror Leon's unique character of a giver and deliverer.

Daniel Disney 


Sales Revival Conference: 2021

 Leon is truly one of the most inspirational people that I've ever had the fortune to work wit

 His passion and drive cannot be compared, and his ability to build something from scratch is brillian

When it comes to sales, Leon is a truly rare talent, his knowledge and understanding of sales and the everchanging sales landscape are incredible.

As a sales leader, trainer, consultant, coach and expert, Leon is one of the best out there.

I would highly recommend him to anyone fortunate enough to get the chance to work with him.