Leon J. Whyte

CSO – Chief Sales Officer

Leon is a commercially astute sales leader, specialising in the creation and development of high-performing, multicultural commercial teams, and sustainable organisational systems.

He has a formidable track record of formulating and implementing tailor-made sales strategies to ensure the attainment of company goals, bottom-line results, and strong brand positioning, in both remote and hybrid working environments.

Primarily working with organisations in their rapid growth phase, Leon assists organisations in successfully transitioning from a start-up to small enterprises. He is adept at identifying and securing lucrative opportunities, uniting advanced cross-functional business acumen with refined interpersonal skills to cultivate relationships. In addition, he is an articulate communicator with linguistic proficiency in English and German.

"If you are looking for someone to build your sales channels and help position your company in the market, Leon would be an excellent choice. I had the pleasure of developing a relationship with Leon when he was Head of Sales at IoT Analytics. Stratus Technologies was an early customer and Leon transitioned IoT Analytics from a pure consultancy organization to a more product-based analyst firm. Leon was always very responsive and excellent about scheduling regular reviews to share any updates, but he was also very keen to get feedback about what was working, what could be improved and on soliciting any ideas on what we might like to see IoT Analytics cover. This was very much a consultative relationship rather than a straight vendor-customer relationship."

"Conference Link Holdings was very fortunate to have Leon with us in Namibia in order to deliver his IPEP training program. His energy, enthusiasm and training infected the organization like a virus, rapidly improving performance, confidence and motivational levels. Leon is a dynamic out-of-the-box thinker and an absolute pleasure to work with, and I would highly recommend him to any organization. "

"Leon is a passionate and enthusiastic man, whom I had the good fortune to meet and work with during my starting period at eKomi. Dedicated to his work, creative and skilled trainer, he taught me much, and supported us in our task of creating a new team from scratch; being an active influencer in evaluating and training our new sales representatives. I would gladly work with him again in the future, and strongly recommend him. "

"I worked directly with Leon as our company sought to fulfill its market research requirements. Not only did Leon prove to be 'on the ball' and very pro-active but he was also very useful in supporting our decision process for other market research resources . Will keep in touch with Leon wherever his career takes him!" 

Prof. Grafton Whyte 

Chairman & CFO (Chief Finance Officer)

Professor Whyte is currently the Director of Namibia Business School (NBS) in the University of Namibia (UNAM) and interim Chair of the Association of African Business Schools (AABS).

In the UK from which he originates he was Research Director for SMC from 1991 a Knowledge Management company he founded. He has also worked as a research consultant and business analyst in the IT industry for over fifteen years. In 1995 he obtained his PhD at the Cranfield School of Management studying the measurement and management of customer perceptions of service
within the Information Systems industry, using qualitative and quantitative research techniques.

His work on customer service research and the measurement of service quality continued in Namibia. He became the subject of a major scholarly article in the European Journal of Marketing and a book in publication (2018) called the V-Model of Service Quality: An Exploration of African Customer Service Delivery.

Rita Whyte

CMO – Chief Marketing Officer

Rita is a senior brand manager and strategic marketer, specializing in product and organizational transformation within high-pressured environments, and the creation and implementation of 360-degree marketing strategies, from product conceptualization to improving brand activation. She has an exceptional track record of driving product innovation and improving the customer experience, empowering companies to achieve outstanding revenue growth in highly competitive markets. She is a qualified and experienced coach.

"I've had the pleasure of working with Rita for little less than 3 years at cosnova GmbH and during that time I have known her to be a very structured & methodical thinker with an analytical mind and a thirst for excellence. She is a hard worker, who is very enthusiastic about her work and projects. Rita is an absolutely loyal person. She was always eager to use her skills assisting a project as well as her team members to become more successful. "

Vanessa Levine

Director of Administration & Operations

Vanessa is driven by a passion for delivering tangible results and exceeding organisational objectives, dedicated to fostering collaboration to optimise processes and drive success. She is Scrum Master with a strong background in customer service, agile methodologies and Business Administration.

Dedicated to leveraging her diverse skills to drive successful outcomes by empowering and developing individuals and creating an environment that encourages growth and innovation.

Da Vinci

Head of Visual Communications

Da Vinci is the mastermind behind every video at SMC. He works excellently and can make most, if not all, your video creation, video editing and animation dreams come true.

Sylvia Ndeva

Head of Software Development

I am an expert software engineer that is passionate about using creative and effective software solutions to solve difficult challenges. I'm devoted to using technology as a software developer to build useful solutions that enhance effectiveness, productivity, and user experiences.

My passion is innovation, and it goes well with my technical knowledge and collaborative outlook.

Daniel Schmitz

Sales Manager DACH

Daniel’s heart desire is to change the way people perceive Sales! 

He believes that any organisation that stands on and practices sales as a function to help people find solutions to their problems, will be successful. 

If you want to increase your profit margins either by improving customer satisfaction levels or by optimizing the performance of your German sales team, look no further. Daniel’s knowledge, passion and desire to help you achieve your goals is what you need.

Daisy Silva

Group Marketing & Communications Director

A highly innovative and creative thinker who is passionate about digital marketing and delivering a great customer experience through the development of content and the improvement of brand recognition/awareness.

Constantly striving to be the best that she can be, she is a very hard worker with a proven track record of superseding targets and expectations. With a keen eye for detail and excellent analytical abilities, she is an excellent problem solver who excels in new situations and environments. Motivated by a challenge and a thirst for knowledge, she can work well both as part of a team or as an individual contributor.

Daisy is an innovative and creative thinker who is passionate about delivering a great customer experience. With a keen eye for detail and experience in website and graphic design, social media marketing, and overall website management, she is the perfect candidate to manage any company’s online presence with the view of increasing brand awareness and recognition. 

Anna Giacomet

Head of Community & Administration

Anna strongly believes in making a positive impact within her community and is passionate about organizational & individual development/growth.

Coming from a Legal background, Anna is trained in the art of negotiation and effective communication. She prides herself on her ability to inspire and motivate others, whilst advocating collaboration and co-creation. Meanwhile constantly striving to create an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive.

If you are looking for a backend leader to hold down the fort whilst you hunt the prey, contact me and let's see if together we can actualise your vision.