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This is a private community of experts, which works with technology-driven organisations, assisting them in transitioning from product development (Research & Development phase) to a pre-IPO state, via a wide partner ecosystem.

Sales Revival Conference

The community hosts a virtual annual leadership conference which acts as the marketing tool for the entities, it is also the Corporate & Social Responsibility (CSR) for the group. The purpose of the conference is to provide Sales & Business Leaders with the knowledge, tools and insights required to thrive in turbulent times through the utilisation of

VUCA (Vision, Understanding, Clarity & Agility) Prime methodologies.

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Helping Leaders create transformational strategies to see them through recession. 

The Sales Revival Conference is divided into 3 parts: People & Process Management on Day 1, Evolution of Customer Communication on Day 2 and the Evolution of Artificial Intelligence in Sales on Day 3. 

Don’t miss out on this knowledge sharing session AND change your game!

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Reviving Sales and Resource Mobilization in a Post-Covid World

Covid-19 has disrupted the economy and changed working practices globally, presenting organizations in all sectors with unprecedented challenges. From giant corporations to start-ups, social enterprises and non-profits, there is no more business as usual.

The pandemic has made us question everything we know and do, from our basic business models to the way we deliver our products and services:

  • What can we do to motivate our sales executives, who thrive in high-touch environments, to excel in a virtual world?
  • How can we protect employee wellness and off-set the unequal impact that Covid has had on different groups of staff?
  • What changes do we need to make so that we recruit, rehire and re-skill the right people for the post-Covid environment?
  • How can we re-conceptualize our products, brand and organization to adapt to new consumer needs?
  • How can we manage digitalisation to future-proof our organization?
  • How do we engage differently with our customers and partners to create rapid-growth products and organizations?
  • How can start-ups secure seed investment in a post-Covid environment?
  • How can non-profits sustain themselves in the face of reduced funding from traditional sources?

These questions - and others like them - have inspired a plethora of research, as well as innovations and solutions for sustainability.

The Sales Revival Conference is an opportunity for business professionals in the EMEA Region to learn valuable insights from thought leaders in their fields and share experiences with other practitioners. There will be a varied program of keynote speakers, panel discussions and virtual workshops to get involved in.

The event is mainly aimed at sales leaders and business development managers in the corporate world, small enterprise owners, and leaders and resource mobilization managers in the non-profit sector. There will be separate rooms for each group, with some plenary sessions combining all three for cross-sectoral learning.

The conference is brought to you by Service Management Consultancy (SMC), leaders in sales training and development, in conjunction with our sponsors and The Collaborative Exchange (

Sales Revival

2021 | Conference

17-19 November 2021



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